Gallagher Fragrances FULL BOTTLE GIVEAWAY!!! (CLOSED)!



So I am new to the whole Artisan Fragrance game… my collection is not that large but having explored a few houses, I am really digging this genre! I am assuming if you found this post you have some interest in fragrance; perhaps you are a niche or designer lover?!?! Hopefully, this giveaway can expand the nose of one lucky winner and convert someone over to the Artisan side :).

Daniel Gallagher is the nose behind this house. He is a subscriber of mine and we have exchanged multiple comments. He is very incognito on YouTube, his name does not tie him to his fragrance line. One day we were discussing a popular Niche brand and he asked me if I wanted to try out a few scents he was working on.  Always down to try something new, I enthusiastically accepted his offer. I received a beautiful green bubble mailer package in the mail (by the way his branding/packaging is really nice!).

At first, I thought Ipsy or Scentbird had a color snafu and sent out a special bag. To my delight, I ripped into the package and immediately got a whiff of something magical. I check my mail while on the way to the complex gym and had a long run planned on this day. I couldn’t resist trying everything on (I felt bad for the person on the treadmill next to me… if you are reading this, I am sorry!). By the time my run was done and my skin thoroughly warmed up, I found my top 4 scents out of the bunch. Watch my video to see what I thought of each one.

Overall his line has some unique offerings. I am glad he has a discovery set available as you definitely need to try before you buy. They all feature a nice oily base that equals a long relationship with each fragrance. I purchased full-size bottles of Sine Nomine, Bergamust and iloreN.

He has another line called his Silk Series that I fell in love with and purchased all of with the exception of one. I will post a full video on this at a later date so stay tuned for that.

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  1. Tina C. says

    Congratulations to Mitchell Lenneville for winning ! Check your inbox and please respond 🙂

  2. I tried to subscribe to your newsletter on this page and Feedburner said you do not do subscriptions via email (??) anyway. I am Gypsy Parfumista on Fragrantica and a reviewer via Fragrant Footnotes on Facebook . BTW Sine Nomine is “Sin-nay Nom-ih-nay” and is Latin for Without a name! Please let me know how to get regular notifications for your vlog as I love your approach to perfume. (I am a Pisces and Virgo is the complimentary sign on the zodiac wheel). Hope to hear from you and can’t wait Daniel is sending me a sample set very soon! Great reviews and love the personal touch and candid opinions you offer. Fragrant hugs!

    1. Tina C. says

      Hi John! I think I fixed the issue with feedburner. Let me know if you have trouble subscribing… thank you for subscribing! I am “thecriticalvirgo” on fragrantica. I am slowly updating my collection on there. Checked out your profile and you have quite the collection (where do you keep it all?)! Just liked Fragrant Footnotes on FB. There are so many groups/pages it is overwhelming lol.

      Thank you for the phonetic breakdown. I actually google searched it after filming and found the same =).

      Let me know what you think about the samples you receive. I love his line. He sold out of his silk series but that’s another fantastic offering… I purchased all but one (the jasmine). Review on that to come in the near future :). Fragrant hugs back at ya ;).

  3. Nelle says

    I have never heard of this brand, but I would be so excited to try the Sine Nomine! I love fruity florals and this sounds lovely!
    YouTube: tooka81

  4. Karin Shaim says

    I haven’t heard about them yet! i’m most excited about Sine Nomine

  5. T.C. says

    Thanks for giveaway. Would really like to try this fragrance!

    1. Tina C. says

      Good luck!

  6. Tahtz says

    Just discovered this fragrance brand. Really want to try it out! Thank you for a giveaway!

    1. Tina C. says

      Good luck!

  7. Jillian L. says

    I just found your youtube channel today through your top 3 chocolate fragrances video and I reaaaaally did enjoy your review and subscribed even before I saw your giveaway video! Please keep on producing these videos as I am an avid fragrance enthusiast (designer, niche, artisan, mid eastern oils, etc. idc as long as it smells good, I’m up for it!) Really do hope to try out these Gallagher fragrances and I’m reaaally intrigued about your reaction to Villainess Vanilla haha. That’s all and more power to you! And Mr. Gallagher’s nose! May he keep producing amazing perfumes!

    1. Tina C. says

      Thank you! I really hope you get the chance to try out his collection. Villainless Vanilla is one of the most interesting fragrances I have ever smelled and the first to totally stump me! I can’t wait to shoot my video on his Silk Series line because he did a wonderful job on it.

      What is your favorite fragrance that you can not live without? (This is a hard one for all of us collectors/lovers). <3

  8. Dhruba Dasgupta says

    Glad you covered so many! I’d like to try Burgamust myself.

  9. Eric Dunthorne says

    I’d really like to try these fragrances out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Janice Madison says

    I’m sooo super excited to try this brand? Thank you so much for this opportunity ?

  11. Janice says

    Omg I am soooo super excited to try this brand??? and thank you so much for this opportunity to try it out ?

  12. Sam Aguilar says

    sounds interesting and as you said it and showed it in your video, it really has a cute package and it really looks good that it really has a great smell!

  13. jennifer bowen says

    this stuff sound like some thing I like to try

    1. Tina C. says

      Good Luck!!!

  14. Graceshan Saliling says

    Wow! I’m excitedddd

    1. Tina C. says

      Good Luck!!

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