Bee Free Honee


Formula O2 Natural Recovery Orange Mango- 2:40
Daiya Fire-Roasted Vegetable Pizza- 555:30 & 5:14
Formula O2 Natural Recovery Grapefruit Ginger- 15:20
Jackfruit Co- Sesame Ginger- 17:18
Sweet Earth- Chipotle Style Seitan: 19:00
Gardein- Crabless Crab Caked: 21:00
Gardein- Sweet and Tangy BBQ Wings: 22:50
So Delicious- Blueberry Coconut Milk Yogurt: 27:00
So Delicious- Chocolate Yogurt: 28:40
Kite Hill- Truffle Dill Chive: 30:00
Field Roast- Chao- Tomato Cayenne: 33:20
Go Veggie- cheese: 36:01
Bee Free Honee: 36:30
Belvas- 82% Dark chocolate with almonds: 40:20

Like many out there, I didn’t know that honey isn’t vegan. It’s not high on the radar because bees are not killed for honey… in fact, we give them cozy boxes that provide the optimal space to house honey. But sadly my friends, bees are exploited for said production, it is the product of their lives. Vegans do not believe I the use of products made of/from/by animals.

If honey is something that you would dearly miss… have no fear for this is an amazing substitute!!!

Taste/Texture: Okay so the flavor is not 100% spot on but if you gave me a bottle without a label and said “here’s some honey”, I probably wouldn’t know the difference. Knowing that the main ingredient is apple, you can definitely taste it. The apple flavor is not very prominent but if you search for it, you can taste it. This stuff is surprisingly thick. It coats the spoon and has an almost passable mouth feel to it. Again, if you didn’t tell me what this was I probably wouldn’t know.

Price: @ 5.99 per bottle (at my local wholefoods)– this can be an expensive habit if you have a serious honey habit. But I think this is a high-quality product and is definitely worth the price.

Availability: I have only seen this in markets like Whole Foods. They do not carry this at my local general grocery store. Most managers are willing to accommodate requests if there is a demand, so don’t be afraid to ask. Alternatively, you can aways order this online… this is 2016 after all.

Overall: The ingredients list is simple: apple, cane sugar, and lemon juice. This is a great substitute… most people would not know that this isn’t the real thing! Nutritionally they are almost the same:

Honey- 1 tablespoon: 64 cals; 0 fat; 17.3 g Carbs; 17.2g sugar

Bee Free Honee- 1 tablespoon: 60 cals; 0 fat; 16g carbs; 16g sugar.

This review is not sponsored in any way. The opinions expressed belong solely to the writer.

Bee Free Honee

Bee Free Honee








  • If you gave this to a non-vegan without the label they wouldn't know it isn't real honey.
  • Tastes great.
  • Texture is very believable.


  • Is not available at local grocery stores.
  • Is expensive compared to conventional honey.

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