Training Program and Supplements

My plan of attach and what I am taking.


**DISCLAIMER: You should always consult with your physician prior to starting a workout regime or taking supplements.

Training Program: I suggest you take a lot of time when choosing a program that will fit your needs. I found Hal Higdon’s programs when training for my first half marathon.  There are a ton of programs available for every distance and skill level. Are you just getting into running? There is a 5k option but breaking into running can be difficult and if you need something a little more interactive I would suggest looking into the app C25K APP.

Because I had such great success with Hal Higdon’s program when training for my first half marathon; it was my first choice for my first full marathon. Now I have been out of the running game for a while so I opted for the Novice Supreme 30 week program. However, I am currently 33 weeks out from my race so adjustments must be made to avoid peaking too soon. I started running again a month ago and already feel comfortable running 5 miles without stopping, which also happens to be week 10 on the training program. I intend on working on speed, form and adding distance up to a half marathon for the next 10 weeks. After 10 weeks, I will resume the schedule as outlined to avoid burning out and overtraining.

Training updates will be posted regularly.

Supplements: Training for a long race is very taxing on the body. I find that it is much more difficult to recover now than it was when I first started my fitness journey. As such, I am taking my nutrition and supplementation much more seriously. Pre/Intra/Post-supplementation is crucial. Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine, and valine), Energy Gels/Carbohydrate supplements, fish oil, protein, glutamine, l-arginine, l-carnitine, and beta-alanine were and will once again be main staples in my program.

BCAAs: Branch chain amino acids touted to decrease muscle soreness, increase workout intensity

This is the only area where I will go with a name brand product because all of the other supplements I use are in raw form without flavors and additives. The flavor of all these powders can be overwhelmingly bad without something to cut the flavor. I find BCAAs the perfect solution as it is something I would ingest anyway.  I chose to go with MAN Sports because for one they have a deal going on right now at a1supplements buy 2 get one free and I have been curious to try it out.


**You can purchase the following products from other retailers in flavored varieties in beautiful bottles… but you will pay a steep price. I used to be into all the fun flavors but I noticed that all the different additives gave me a stomach ache! Not to mention all the additives/colorings that are used to make things look more appealing/stable. We have so many endocrine stressors in our environment, why pay more money just to swallow more?!?! This time around I am opting to go a more natural route. I have not tried any of the following but will be reviewing them soon. Again, BCAAs will be my only flavoring to mask all of the following:


L-Arginine HCL Powder: The body produces this in small quantities. Supplementing with this is touted to induce Nitric Oxide and provide Muscle support= longer/stronger/more intense workouts. This was a staple in my prior training.




L-Glutamine Powder: an abundant amino acid that is reduced with exercise and does not replenish till one recovers from exercise. Touted to help with DOMS- Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This is a staple of athletes in almost every sport all across the world. I have used this in non-flavored versions in the past… I am glad I have something to mix it with… I will leave it as that!





Beta Alanine Powder: I have used this in capsule form in the past. This will be my first go at a powder version. This helps when taking part in large amounts of physical activity by increasing endurance.






L-Carnitine Base Powder: There are two types on Carnitine- L and D. L- Carnitine helps the body convert fats into energy. D-Carnitine permeates the blood-brain barrier for brain/nerve support. I am opting for L-Carnitine.




Fish Oil (1000mg) Softgels: I have never bought unbranded fishoil. My joints could really use the extra lubrication so I am excited to get this back in my system. I just hope that this doesnt give me fishy burps….




So there goes my first order. If you guys have any questions please put them down below. I am excied to go on this journey will all of you. I have some supplements in stock at my house for intra supplementation that I will cover in my next “Marathon Mondays” so stay tuned for that!!

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