Winter by Dasein


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With Winter upon us, it is only fitting to try a scent inspired and named after the season! As the name implies, this fragrance captures the essence of the Winter season. This fragrance house has 4 scents, one for every season of the year. As expected, one of the biggest things associated with Winter is pine; therefore, it is only fitting that this is the primary star.

This is an aromatic, woody and fresh scent. The opening is a sweet pine explosion. It reminded me of Comet soap mixed with pine needles. Quickly the fragrance settles down into a beautiful sweet, soapy, pine. If I didn’t know better I would say there was a little cedar hanging out in this one. This reminds me very much of a Winter Pine Yankee Candle. This one leaves your skin smelling fresh and clean as if you just took a shower.

The lavender is exquisite and deserves special attention. There is nothing that bothers me more than synthetic smelling lavender and this is anything but. They use lavender absolute which entails a different extraction process. You are left with a very clean and relaxing lavender, the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

The quality in this juice is very apparent!

Longevity: I got a whopping 8 hours out of this one! As someone with skin that eats fragrance, this is a rarity to find!

Projection/Sillage: Moderate projection on me. Every time I moved around I got a light whiff. I received one compliment so it is strong enough to be noticed and not heavy enough to offend. 

Price: You won’t find this one on discount. There is a slim chance that you might find this on a swap site or “used”. This retails for $95.00/1.7 oz.

Overall: This is an excellent winter fragrance to try and buy. I wouldn’t suggest blind buying this one unless you are very comfortable and have a deep burning desire to smell like a Pine scented Yankee Candle. You can definitely smell the quality in his juice. Properly named this fragrance really captured the essence of the winter season (Christmas tree not included).  There is a Winter Nights fragrance that I would love to explore as the original winter left me longing for some spice.  This is a unisex fragrance- want a bottle? Check out the company website: 

Winter by Dasein

Winter by Dasein








  • Quality ingredients used.
  • Perfectly captures essence of Winter.
  • Heavy enough to be noticed without offending.
  • Priced right.
  • Thumbs up if you love pine scented Yankee Candles


  • Thumbs down if you don't care for pine scented Yankee Candles.
  • Unisex but may to too masculine for some women.

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