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You don’t have to be heavy into the fragrance game to appreciate this one. In fact, this is best for those not deep into it! But for those in the fragrance community, don’t turn your nose up at this one so fast… this is a great option for you too!

I really enjoy receiving my monthly Olfactif Box. This is a fragrance subscription service that sends 3 selected scents in a beautiful black box. You can explore the world of niche fragrances. I am an affiliate of this service so if you are interested in checking it out please follow this link – you help me out if you subscribe and I greatly appreciate the support =).

The Good: If you are new to niche fragrance and don’t know where to begin this is a great, hassle free, no pressure way to test out new scents. You can try new fragrances at your own pace without having t sift through hundreds of options to make a selection. Every month you get a discount code for $18.00 to put towards the purchase of a full bottle (this is, or can be a greater value than the cost of a subscription depending on the plan you choose), a real win-win if you ask me.  You get a card that details the notes of the fragrances received- this is a great way to learn what you (dis)like in fragrances.

You receive a 2.25 ml of each scent in a glass spray vial. The company says each vial has enough for 15 – 20 wearings; however, if you are like me and bathe in fragrance, expect 2.. maybe 3 wearings max out of each vial.

If you are not an “OG” in the fragrance community, don’t own/haven’t sampled every scent ever created, this is a good option for you. Sometimes we can fall into a fragrance rut where one gravitates towards the familiar, or you read the notes and decide not to spend money on a sample/decant because you “already know this is something you won’t like”.  Well here is a friendly reminder that tastes evolve and what you may not have liked in the past can become a new favorite. I really like this service because it takes the control out of my hands. I have found a few fragrances that I would have never tried because of the notes. Try it out… what’s the worst that can happen?


The Bad: If you are a woman and not into unisex fragrances, they do not offer an option for feminine scents. You will receive sweeter scents in the unisex pack, but you may not like a few offerings in your box because there is a strong possibility that they will be on the heavier side of town.

Having no control is both a blessing and a curse. You can not customize your box. The team at Olfactif chooses three fragrances for each box (men’s/unisex) and they base it on a theme. Everyone gets the same box. Other companies offer a more tailored approach to sample subscription.

I feel like they need to hire more people. You see…your fragrances arrive in a lavish box, especially considering the price point. Fragrances are not cheap for the average consumer. And lastly, when using any service you expect a certain level of catering to, especially when the packaging leads you to believe this is a luxury experience.  The customer service is very friendly and accommodating when you finally get in touch with them. There is no phone number to call, only two different email addresses. Every response has come from the same person, regardless of which email address I initiated contact with. A woman by the name of Tara, poor thing she must be inundated because it takes 48+ hours to get a response.  Sometimes, you have to send a follow-up email to get a quicker response if more than 48 hours have passed. Again, this paragraph is not a knock on her customer service skills, but a suggestion to this company that perhaps you should look into additional help.

Price/Value: You really can not beat the price. Price varies depending on how long you commit, the longer you stay the less you pay:

Month to Month- $18.00

3 Months- $17

6 Months – $16

12 Months- $15

Regardless of which option you choose, you get an $18.00 credit towards the purchase of a full bottle! Did I mention that the prices above include tax/shipping? I think that for the service and the possibility to get your monthly subscription price back, this is a great price/value.

I should also mention that if you were to buy samples through another company you can pay 4+ bucks per .07ml sample (sprayer not included), not including shipping. Furthermore, you don’t get a credit towards a full bottle with the other guys. Olfactif gives you a generous 2.25ml in a spray bottle.

Customer Service: This is the only negative to this company! You will not talk to someone who is rude; it kills me because when you get in touch with someone the customer service is great and the communication to resolve is excellent, the problem is making the connection. Again, they should really consider expanding.

Overall: Despite the breakdown in communication, I would still recommend this service. You get a generous amount of great fragrances at an incredible price and who doesn’t love the credit? I am able to overlook the long wait for customer service responses because of this. I understand that you can’t have it all. Again, if you are looking for a hassle free/no pressure/try at your own liesure scent subscrition that can open your nose to different fragrances not on the mass market, look no further!







Customer Service



  • You get to try three new fragrances monthly.
  • You get an $18.00 credit towards the purchase of a full bottle!
  • Not customizing/choosing samples forces you to expand your nose.
  • Great for those just getting into fragrance.
  • No pressure to make a decision on the spot, try the fragrance at your own pace and really try before you buy.


  • With no customization you may receive samples you dislike.
  • No option for
  • $18.00 credit codes are only good till the end of the month and if you did not have an opportunity to try your samples, you may miss out on applying it toward full bottle purchase.
  • A lot of older fragrances, if you have been in fragrance community for a long time you most likely already own at least one of the three samples received.
  • If you have a question or issue, customer service can take 24-48+ hours to respond.

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