Mario Badescu Skin Care Review

So I have always struggled with acne. I like many had really hoped that it would stop in my 20’s but it still haunts me in my 30’s. I went on birth control and this did wonders for my skin. I felt like I really had things under control. Unfortunately, a side effect was really high blood pressure. As much as I wanted to let my vanity get the best of me, I had to put my health first. I went on the search for the perfect product. Neutrogena in combination with birth control worked flawlessly. However, when I stopped using birth control in January, my skin totally freaked out. In the process of trying to balance out my hormones, I moved from Florida to Ohio, In April. Prior to moving my skin started to show signs of clearing and getting under control. But the move brought a dramatic weather change from hot and humid to dry and cold. Again, my skin showed me how unhappy it was with me. Prior to moving to Ohio, I purchased a few Mario Badescu products when I got off the hormones. I picked up Acne Facial Cleanser; Glycolic Foaming Cleanser; Hyaluronic Eye Cream Eye Cream; Special Cucumber Lotion. While these provided help in Florida, they caused some major dryness/flaking/itchiness in Ohio. My issues were not from a bad product; this was totally due to user error.

I went into Ulta, desperate for a solution. I talked to one of the estheticians and a look of horror came over her face when I told her my skin care routine. She helped me revamp my current routine and within a few weeks my skin was back under control. I ended up adding the following to my regimen: Strawberry Face Scrub; Rose Hips Nourishing Oil; Moisture Magnet Lotion; Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater; Enzyme Revitalizing Mask. I can say that I finally have my skin under control. I do get the occasional hormonal flare up as most women do, but it is a major improvement over what it used to be! The best part about this product line is that it is cruelty-free! Mario Badescu products use natural botanical ingredients with minimal preservatives and do not test on animals.
Acne Facial Cleanser– I was surprised by the fact that this stuff has such a strong fragrance as this is an irritant for a lot of people. I can not say for certain that this one product has had a tremendous impact on my acne but I can say that when used in combination with all above I see major improvements. Like 9.99% of the acne products out there this stuff packs a punch with salicylic Acid. It is marked for combination and oily skin. A little bit goes a long way with this stuff. There are no harsh sulfates so this does not lather like other cleansers. If you are only satisfied with a lathery wash, this will leave you yearning for something more like sulfate free shampoos do. I can say this does clean well, there is no makeup residue when I go back over with toner after washing. I know that the price can turn some off @ $15.00 for 6 oz. I purchased this in January and have ¼ of the bottle left. If you can I highly recommend checking out This post is in no way sponsored by them but they do have a great rewards program and have sales, frequently. On the day of posting this, they have a sale on this very product reducing the price to $7.50! I don’t know how long it will be on sale for but it is worth checking out.

Glycolic Foaming Cleanser– I love, love, love this stuff. Have I mentioned that I love it? There is no fragrance, it lathers up nicely, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth! The acid in this really helps sloth off the dead skin and break down the gunk in your pores. This is branded for all skin types. The glycolic acid is gentle enough to use multiple time a week. This gently exfoliates and should not be confused with acid peels. Again, the price may be a tough one to swallow for many as this is $16.00 for 6 oz. but a little goes a long way. I would highly recommend you try this one out if you have a little cash to burn.

Hyaluronic Eye Cream Eye Cream– This stuff is amazing. I picked this up on a Ulta sale for $12.00; however, it normally retails for $18.00. I have been using this stuff religiously since January and have enough to last me through the rest of the year. I put this on every night before bed. The texture is very thick and creamy. This ultra hydrating, it says it is for daytime use but if you have oily hooded eyelids like me, just don’t your eye makeup will just melt and crease. Branded for all skin types. I will say one warning: I recommend using this at night because I have hooded lids and when I use it during the day I have noticed this falls/melts down to my eyes causing a nasty burn and film that casts into my eyes. So again, using this at night eliminates that issue. I picked this up because I am now in my 30’s and it is never too late to start on the preventative maintenance. Think of this as an investment in yourself. Again, considering it lasts the whole year, the price is not bad!

Special Cucumber Lotion– Okay, so don’t laugh but… the word “lotion” in the title totally fooled me. Why would someone name an astringent “lotion”??!?!?!? This is a mild anti-acne formula designed to reduce build-up and bacteria. Branded for combination and oily skin. I purchased this one because on the Mario Badescu website it was recommended for use after the acne facial cleanser. On the official site, it’s offered in 2 sizes: 8 oz.- $15.00, 16 oz.- $26.00; Ulta only carries the 8 oz. for the same price. I use this daily in place of washing my face in the morning. I do like this product, it does not sting and gives you that refreshed feeling. I would purchase this again and would recommend it to anyone looking for something gentle.

Strawberry Face Scrub– Okay, another one that I am very embarrassed by… but …. I am sure there are other women committing the same sin… News Flash** If you have acne prone skin, you should not use abrasive scrubs. Your face should not be red after exfoliating, you are just inviting more bacteria and oil in, spreading the acne and creating a bigger mess.** Talk about counterproductive! So, like many, I thought your face should feel totally scrubbed and red after exfoliating, I created a dry/flaky/irritated/blemished mess. This scrub is VERY gentle. If you are coming from apricot scrubs of the past, you may feel like you are wasting your time, but stick with it and you shall be rewarded. There is a very pleasant hint if strawberry fragrance. You can see the little black seeds in this creamy formula. At $15.00 for 4 oz., this is a pretty pricey scrub. A definite must try if you have some cash to burn or are serious about investing in yourself.

Rose Hips Nourishing Oil– I have another News Flash **If you have oily skin, oil is your friend! ** I used to think that oil would make my skin an oil slick. I was pleased to find that it did the opposite. I have tried the Tart Maracuja Oil, this stuff is fabulous but made my face stop oil production and over time my skin turned dry =(. I have been using the Rose Hips oil for 4 months and so far so good. This stuff is branded for combination, dry and sensitive skin. It claims to be high in antioxidant Vitamin C, which is all the craze. This stuff is priced at $22.00 per oz. I have not seen this on sale. I use approx. 4-5 drops 1-2 times per day. The bottle is almost gone. I would purchase this again and highly recommend it.

Moisture Magnet Lotion– Super rich and creamy, very hydrating. This locks in moisture and is high in antioxidant oils. There is spf-15 which gives some protection but most cc creams have SPF for additional protection. I use this morning and night. Branded for combination, dry and sensitive skin. I have had no issues with this in summer or cooler dry weather. Because I use this frequently the 2 oz. the bottle is almost empty and has lasted 5 months, with consistent use expect to purchase this twice a year. At $24.00 per pop, hydrated skin will cost you $4.00 per month. I will purchase this again.

Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater– I am totally obsessed with this! I have gone through a few bottles. I first purchased a 2 oz. bottle from Ulta for $5.00, and later a 4 oz. bottle for $7.00. On the Mario Badescu site, you can get an 8 z. bottle for $12.00! Super light and hydrating this is great as a quick mist prior to applying makeup or even used as a setting spray. Branded for all skin types. This is my FAVORITE facial spray ever. I would purchase this a thousand times over.

Enzyme Revitalizing Mask– I got this as a deluxe sample with another Mario Badescu purchase. There is a heavy fragrance to this one. You apply a thin layer after washing your face and let It dry. It doesn’t turn into a tight mask, just a white paint like finish. Wash off and your skin is buttery smooth underneath. This stuff claims to be moisturizing and exfoliating. Branded for combination, dry and sensitive skin. I will purchase the full size when my sample runs out. This will set you back $20.00 for 2 oz. but like with the other products, a little goes a long way.

Lastly, all products can be purchased at:

Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu








  • Gentle with easy to read labels breaking down skin types.
  • Wide range of products for every need.
  • Gentle and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS! <3


  • More expensive than drug store brands.
  • If you don't live near a retailer you are forced to do your own skin care consultation at home.
  • Even though they are gentle, if used incorrectly can be just as damaging as harsh products.

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