Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub

For that extra level of exfoliation...


1:10-Seaweed Cleansing Soap – 8 oz $14.00
3:00- Cleansing Milk with Carnation and Rice Oil – 6 oz $12.00
5:35- Botanical exfoliating scrub- 3.4 oz $26.00
8:40- Seaweed Cleansing Lotion- 8oz $15.00/ 16 oz $26.00
10:20- Seaweed Night Cream- 1oz $22.00
11:35- SPF30 Oil Free Moisturizer 2oz- $28.00
13:55 – Buttermilk moisturizer – 2oz- $18.00
14:40 – Drying Lotion- 1oz $17.00
16:35 – Glycolic Gel – 2oz $25.00
18:00- Cucumber Tonic Mask 2oz $18.00

In my first Mario Badescu Review, I featured a “Strawberry Face Scrub” from the line. While I absolutely love this stuff, the botanical face scrub piqued my interest. Without testing in the store, I blind purchased this one online…

The Good: This stuff is fragrance-free. If you were not satisfied with the level of exfoliation that the strawberry scrub had, this will most likely be what you wanted.  If you have a lot of dead skin to slough off this will do that and more. This is an excellent exfoliator.

The Bad: If you have sensitive skin, this will more than likely be too harsh for your skin. I have tried this multiple times, even using the lightest of pressure and it leaves my skin red; ultimately, resulting in acne due to irritation.

Price/Value: 3.4 oz $26.00- Your face is a small surface area so 3.4 oz will last you a long time, so with respect to that this isn’t a horrible deal. This can be out of the price point for many trying to expand their skin care routine from big drug store brands. They justify the price with the quality and “gentleness” of the ingredients used.  I put the word gentle in quotations for my sensitive skin beauties. But this stuff has natural ingredients so it is great for everyone in that regard.

Overall: If you are in the market for a cruelty free, super exfoliator/scrub, that uses high quality ingredients and don’t have sensitive skin… then look no further.  Regardless of your skin type I recommend you check this out in person prior to purchasing, unless you are very sure that your skin can handle a little extra grit. There are no hard jagged pieces like you get with a lot of the apricot seed scrubs but the little clear crystal bits in this one are pretty close to it. Even though this didn’t work out with my skin I always suggest you give everything a try because you never know, it just might be the thing your skin needs ;).

This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub

Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub



Effectiveness sensitive skin




Deep Exfoliation



  • If you need to slough off a lot of dead skin this is highly effective.
  • Fragrance free so it can be used by everyone.
  • High quality ingredients.
  • Not tested on animals.


  • Can be VERY irritating for sensitive skin.
  • If you have active acne, it can cause it to rupture and spread.
  • It is a big jump in price from drug store exfoliators so it may be out of a lot of consumers price point.

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