Marathon Series #2- Registered and Charity picked!

It's official... now time to put in work :)



Well… it’s official! Now time to get serious because there’s no backing out now :). Going to focus on training so I can really enjoy this race.

I must confess training 30 weeks out didn’t go as expected and there are some possible major changes coming soon which will make training interesting. That’s life though!


So fundraising for a charity was not a requirement like with other races (NY/Boston). I thought it would be a good opportunity now that I have a larger reach with a website/YouTube to give back. Granted, my channel is not on a grand scale but we have 29 weeks to make something happen and that’s why I am asking for your help. If you could share this post or video, I would greatly appreciate it. I will be donating all the funds I make on my YouTube channel from 1/1/2017-10/21/2017 to The American Red Cross. I reached out to friends, the internet, and family for suggestions on reputable organizations.  After a lot of digging, I decided to start a campaign with the American Red Cross because on average .91 of each dollar goes to the cause and not a director. The majority of the people you see are volunteers, so know that your hard earned dollars are going to something good. If you choose to make a monetary contribution: DONATE HERE- TINA RUNS FOR THE RED- THANK YOU!

I know that money can be tight for a lot of people. I just want to put a call of action out there: please consider donating blood (if you are eligible) if you can not afford to donate funds, this is 100% and has the power to save a life. Facilities are clean, you can feel good about time well invested and you get free cookies and juice! 🙂

Remember **EVERYONE has the power to make a difference in someone’s life!**

If you would like to follow my marathon journey- don’t forget to follow me on Youtube as #MarathonMondays are posted regularly there.

I love hearing from you, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email:

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