Get Packages from France and other Countries to the United States!

A list of highly reputable companies to ship with internationally!


Background Story: I found a fragrance online that was part of an exclusive holiday collection. I really wanted to have it and discovered that it was available online. I immediately went to the company’s website and put together my order. I proceeded to the checkout screen only to find out that they do not ship to the USA!!! In a panic, I googled “how to get a package from France to the USA” hundreds of results came back. I looked at a few and felt like this was hopeless. I do not have friends in Paris nor do I know anyone well enough to ask them to travel all the way to the store. I closed my laptop and a few days later continued the search. Looking through hundreds of courier services I grew anxious, not wanting to waste my money and receive nothing. Fourtanetley I found a few parcel forwarding services with excellent ratings and reached out to one immediately.

I am compiling a list of reputable companies. If you have experience using any not listed please share that information with me so I can share same. It would be nice to have a master go to list for people to reference.

**This is not a sponsored post- all opinions are my own :).


Shipping International/Support Individuals: PARCL

France –> USA: FAOPS

United Kingdom –> USA: FORWARD2ME



PARCL is a great company if you want to support people and not companies. You can buy/ship from ANYWHERE around the globe. You just have to create an account to get started. There are no signup or annual fees. You create an order and can select a shopper or forwarder from a list of handlers on their site.  While there are private individuals on this site there are a few companies as well. Regardless of who you choose they all list their prices.


  1. You can review ratings of shippers/handlers on this website and shop around.
  2. You have the option of using a company or an individual.
  3.  There is competition on the site which generally leads to competitive pricing.
  4. You can ship anywhere around the globe, this is an international shipping option.


  1. You have to wait for a response from the shipper you choose: Yes, you can see how active they are but you handling/shipping is dependent on someone’s schedule.
  2. There is a potential to have very few or no shippers/handlers in a specific area.



F.A.O.P.S, don’t ask me what the acronym stands for because I have searched and could not find an answer. But names really aren’t that important, are they? Service, that’s what really counts and they do that VERY well! This is my top recommendation if you are trying to ship a package from France to the USA! Okay, so I do love supporting individuals; however, if you need a fast/reliable service with excellent communication, this is it. I placed an order on 1/3, they received it at their location on 1/8 and by 1/18 I had the product in my hands on USA soil! They communicated via email every step of the way and gave me updates as my package went through the process. I had one issue with my order when I placed it because one of the items was no longer available but we resolved everything in one day. One last thing, I have placed a few orders and have dealt with the same woman every time, I like having that relationship with one person vs. a customer service/call center feel.

Now that I am done raving about them, you must know there is a one-time membership fee of 2 euros. You pay a 7% commission on the sales price. Oh, and there are shipping.handling fees on top. If you want to play, you must pay; as the adage goes “You get what you pay for”. You have the option to ship to an address they assign to you, or use their personal shopper service if a merchant will not accept payment from an address outside of the county. Payment is flexible through Paypal or Credit Card.


  1. Excellent communication and follow up to resolve any issues.
  2. Fast and reliable shipping.
  3. Excellent communication through the whole process.
  4. You deal with one person- I have placed multiple orders and worked with the same woman each time.
  5. Great concierge service if you need a shopper to buy products for you because a merchant will not take your out of country payment.


  1. Fees can add up very quickly with commission and handling.
  2. Even though the membership fee is low, there is still one… why?!?!



Forward2me is a service just like FAOPS. You have the option to buy and ship to an address provided by them and assigned to you, or you can have a shopper get the item for you. Just like FAOPS, fees can add up quickly. However, if you want top notch customer service and support then that is the price you have to pay. I feel confident in recommending this company’s services as they are regarded as a very reputable shipper of goods from the United Kingdom! They have a comprehensive FAQ and excellent customer service, ready for any and all questions. You can get estimates on shipping on their page by putting in information regarding the package you are sending, and also see a list of companies available to deliver said package. There is no annual or sign-up fee. Payment options are flexible through either Paypal or Credit Card.


  1. No sign-up or annual fees.
  2. You have the option of shipping to an address they assign to you or using their personal shopper service.
  3. Fast and reliable shipping- you are given multiple shipping options to choose from so you can choose the company you like to use.
  4. Excellent communication.
  5. They can accommodate large shipping for items larger than standard shipping parameters (for example: household appliances- stoves).


  1. Shipping and handling fees can add up very quickly.

Have you used any of the companies above? Have you used a similar service? I would love to hear from you! Again, I am looking to build a list of reputable companies, so any and all suggestions are welcome. I will research all suggestions and add them to the list if they meet certain criteria.

-Happy Shipping!

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