Formula 02 Recovery Drink

What happens when a Cross Fit enthusiast and Dr. work together?


What happens when a Cross Fit enthusiast and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Kim work together? Click for more on this local Columbus, Ohio company.

Formula O2 Natural Recovery Orange Mango- 2:40
Daiya Fire-Roasted Vegetable Pizza- 555:30 & 5:14
Formula O2 Natural Recovery Grapefruit Ginger- 15:20
Jackfruit Co- Sesame Ginger- 17:18
Sweet Earth- Chipotle Style Seitan: 19:00
Gardein- Crabless Crab Caked: 21:00
Gardein- Sweet and Tangy BBQ Wings: 22:50
So Delicious- Blueberry Coconut Milk Yogurt: 27:00
So Delicious- Chocolate Yogurt: 28:40
Kite Hill- Truffle Dill Chive: 30:00
Field Roast- Chao- Tomato Cayenne: 33:20
Go Veggie- cheese: 36:01
Bee Free Honee: 36:30
Belvas- 82% Dark chocolate with almonds: 40:20

As introduced, this is a local Columbus, Ohio company. Founded by a Cross Fit enthusiast and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Kim. It is only fitting that this company originated in Ohio, as the Rogue factory is located here too; coincidence? I think not! Now just to be clear…. I am not a CrossFit enthusiast. But I can respect the sport and a good product when I see one. If you want to check out a quick Q&A video from formula02:

Taste/Texture: I purchased both the Orange Mango and the Grapefruit Ginger. Even though this says it is non-carbonated it sure did bubble and fizz just like one when I poured it out- check out my YouTube video- link below.

Orange Mango: If you were really excited about the taste of mango, I would pass on this one. The orange flavor was very present and there was barely (and I can’t emphasize the word barely enough) a hint of mango here. There is a hint of sodium flavor which reminds me of that sweet/salty flavor in Gatorade.

Grapefruit Ginger: Grapefruit is the only thing I can really taste in this one. I do not taste a hint of ginger at all. Again, there is a sodium flavor similar to Gatorade.

Price: @ 3.49 per can this can be a pretty expensive supplement. There are a lot of good things in each can like a high dose of potassium; electrolytes; carbs; minimal calories; oxygen; caffeine and no artificial ingredients. A banana; salt tab; and cup of coffee would do the same.

Availability: I found this in my local Whole Foods Market. On the company website you can search for all the local retailers that carry this product. I was surprised to find out how many places actually carry this stuff. I blame my lack of knowledge to the fact that I am not heavily involved in the CrossFit community.

Overall: I gave the Orange/Mango a 7/10; and Grapefruit Ginger an 8/10. I am partial to grapefruit and was partially disappointed in the fact that the mango flavor was non-existent. This product can definitely fill the need for many athletes on the go. There is a generous serving of potassium which is great for preventing cramps. Electrolyte replacement is essential, especially when training on particularly hot days. There is just enough caffine to give you a boost without making you jittery. The thing I am most impressed with is the lack of artificial ingredients- this is where the real value of this product comes in. If this is not something that you can afford on a daily basis then a banana, cup of coffee, and sodium tab can be used in substitute of. I could definitely see myself drinking this on a hot summer day prior to training. I can safely recommend this product and suggest you try both flavors as taste is very subjective.

This review is not sponsored in any way. The opinions expressed belong solely to the writer. I went to Whole Foods and picked up everything you see in the cart below.

Formula 02 Natural Recovery

Formula 02 Natural Recovery








  • Good supplement if you're on the go.
  • Has a good reputation and following in the CrossFit community.
  • Low calorie electrolyte substitute to Gatorade.


  • You could get the same through eating a banana, drinking coffee and taking a salt tab or drinking a Gatorade.
  • It is pricey coming in at around $3.00 per can.
  • Not available in many locations.

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