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Going on vacation, sharing with friends, or selling some of your stash to recoup some cash?


Before I started decanting I found the whole process to be very intimidating. If you are just getting into fragrance, I am sure you feel the same right now. All our lives it seems like the sprayer is impossible to take off and locked on tight for good reason, to take the cap off?!?! a mission?!?!?! Fortunately, for most situations, it will be unnecessary to pull the sprayer off, unless you are removing a lot of juice from the bottle.

If you are traveling then you probably only need a small amount (in relation to the bottle). I am a self-confessed heavy sprayer, I am talking 8-12 sprays, depending on the scent.  So obviously, I would require a larger amount, but when traveling I take one scent for every 2-3 days so I can switch things up.  3-5 ml bottles are all I need for travel (and are also way more portable than large 100 ml bottles).

You don’t need to remove sprayers for anything under 30mls I wouldn’t go through the trouble.  I have a strong dislike for dabber vials, which are typically used for 1ml samples. It is also worth mentioning that I am not a fan of plastic bottles, but if you are using them for just a few short days they are definitely the more affordable option to look into.

2ml Plastic- 20 count: 20 Pcs Mini Tiny 2ml Plastic Transparent Perfume Spray Bottle Empty Refillable Water Lotion Perfume Atomizer Bottle Container Cosmetic Atomizers Sprayer

I prefer and recommend:

2ml glass- 30 count: Elfenstall- 30pcs Mini Clear 2ml 5/8Dram Atomizer Vial Glass bottle Spray Refillable Perfume Empty Sample Bottle Clean Cloth Free 3ML Pipette for Travel Party

3ml Glass- 10 count: Elfenstal- 10pcs Mini Clear 3ml 1/6OZ Atomizer Fine Mist Empty Glass bottle Spray Refillable Fragrance Perfume Scent Sample Bottle 1pc Clean Cloth for Travel Party Makeup Tool 2pcs free 3ml Pipette

3 ml Glass 25 count: Elfenstal- 25pcs Mini Clear 3ml Atomizer Glass bottle Spray Refillable Perfume Empty Bottle Glass Clean Cloth for Travel Party Portable Makeup Tool

5ml Glass 25 count: Elfenstal- 25pcs Clear 5ml 1/6oz Glass Atomizer bottle Spray Refillable Perfume Empty Bottle Glass Clean Cloth for Travel Party Must Makeup Tool

10 ml Glass 20 count: Elfenstal- 20pcs Empty 10ml Clear Fine mist Atomizer Glass bottle Spray Refillable Perfume Empty Bottle Glass Clean Cloth for Travel Party Portable Makeup Tool + Free 3ml Pipette

30ml Frosted Glass 4 count: Pana Brand Refillable Gold Frosted Glass Spray Bottle with Fine Mist Atomizer and Cap for Travel, Perfume, Fragrances, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Blends and Other Liquids (30ML (4 Pieces))

50ml Glass 1 count: 1.7 oz (50ml) Square Flint Glass Empty Refillable Replacement Glass Perfume or Cologne Bottle with Spray Applicator (EB35)

I am not a huge fan of rollerballs, but I know a lot of people love them 10 ml Glass 18 for only $8.99: 18 Empty Glass 10ml Roll On Perfume Bottles by NATURAL-COSMETICS BEAUTY

If you are just decanting a small amount you really don’t need to fumble around with taking the sprayer off. In fact, if you could avoid it all together I would. I would rather spray into an empty bottle. Yes, even if I have to do 50+oz! But if you are adamant about getting the sprayer off here is a brief rundown on how to do so:

*Again, I personally am not a fan of doing this.

      1. Pull the little nozzle straight off the sprayer by placing your hands under the perfume (cupping the base) and pulling straight up.
      2. GENTLY use a knife to pry off the bottom metal base attached to the base of the glass. Again, I say gently because you don’t want to slip and cut yourself, or worse crack the bottle (I know what you’re thinking…that should have been in reverse order)
      3. Cut away at the plastic neck and pull out once it is loosened from the lip of the glass bottle. You see why I am not a fan? You will have to replace this, and you also risk introducing foreign substances into the juice until you figure out what you are doing.
      4. Use a pipette: Rienar White 3ML Disposable Plastic Eye Dropper Set Transfer Graduated Pipettes (20 PCS)**Do not re-use them, you can introduce foreign substances or mix them up. They are cheap and disposable, it is not worth chancing.  If you prefer you can use a funnel: Perfume Funnel Set – 3 Piecs, Gold Metal Small Funnel (Top Quality) for Refilling Empty Perfume Bottles and Atomizers

I know I put a lot out there. Comment below with any questions :).

*Affiliate links to amazon are used in this post. This is not a sponsored post all opinions are my own.

  1. Pam says

    Great info. Thanks for sharing

  2. Marie says

    When traveling on airplanes are you allowed to have glass or does it have to be plastic they are stored in?

    1. Tina C. says

      You can take glass with you. I would separate and store them in small Ziploc baggies because the air pressure can cause leakage.

  3. Debbie Sue says

    You’ve got such great information here!!

    1. Tina C. says

      Thank you!

  4. Halley Wright says

    This is so interesting! I hadn’t thought about this, this could make a cute gift as well! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tina C. says

      I gift my friends in the fragrance community little love/care packages all the time. We all share our newest acquisitions.

  5. Clarissa says

    This is crazy informative for someone looking to get into perfumes/decanting! I’ve never tried it before but now you’ve got me wondering!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

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