Custom Fragrance Without Breaking the Bank!- Unique Fragrance Review

Okay so if you are reading this you are probably like me… you hate smelling like everyone else. I have been obsessed with the idea of owning a perfume that was blended just for me. Unfortunately, this typically requires a very large budget L. I searched the internet for a company that could do it for a reasonable price and am happy to share this gem with you! Now just for the record, this is not a sponsored post. This review is solely my opinion based on the experience I had and product received.

I found a company called Unique Fragrance. They are based out of Germany. Their website is: Their website is easy to follow and they have a lot of options for every situation.

Create Your Own:

  1. Getting to know the recipient– This is the option I chose; again, I wanted something all my own! They ask you a few questions about the person that the fragrance is for: Genderà Character à Type of Scent Preference – and then the magic begins.
  2. Pick your notes– Based on the choices you made, the system recommends notes. You can choose 6 notes per blend. The exciting part is you can also choose from the full list of 51 notes to make something truly unique. Above each note there is a star rating that lets you know how well this note plays with others. There is only one that seems to pose an issue and that is musk. There is also a chart that displays how balanced your fragrance is, the chart varies depending on the scent profile you choose.
  3. Design your bottle– Once you have chosen your notes you are ready to choose a bottle. You get 1-2 lines (depending on bottle style) to write whatever you please. There are a few options to change the type of font used and a preview of what it will look like stamped on your bottle. There are also a few graphics that you can choose from too.
  4. DONE!

Bespoke: The service offered on this site is not the typical thing that comes to mind when you hear the word bespoke regarding fragrance. For those who don’t know “bespoke” simply means- goods made to order. In the world of perfume this typically means sitting with a perfumer and getting a highly customized blend. You can request a consultation through the website if you are creating a fragrance. However, the preset layout of the site takes you through a series of questions.

  1. Getting to know the recipient– Gender à Gift/Self Purchase à What perfume the recipient has been using à If they have any allergies à Any ingredients that should not be included. à age range à What type of occasion à Character of perfume à Impression fragrance should give.
  2. Design your bottle– Once you have chosen your notes you are ready to choose a bottle. You get 1-2 lines (depending on bottle style) to write whatever you please. There are a few options to change the type of font used and a preview of what it will look like stamped on your bottle. There are also a few graphics that you can choose from too.
  3. DONE!

Fragrances/Gifts/Collection: If you don’t know the person you are buying a gift for well, or you just don’t feel comfortable creating a custom scent these sections are just for you. Under fragrances you can purchase a fragrance based on the recipient’s character, or select pure essence parfums (single notes). As always, gift wrapping is available. Unfortunately, bottle customization is not.

Private Label: I hope to be able to have one of these…. One day! If you own a business and would like to have a signature scent for your corporation this is just for you! I can’t tell you about the ordering process because you must go through a Business Clients Representative. On their site, they have a standard form to fill out to request a quote. Obviously, prices will vary depending on need so this is totally a case by case basis. Considering how the rest of their services work I would expect a very similar process, but I would hope that you get a more personalized experience. If anyone out there uses or has used this, I would love to hear what your experience has been like- please comment below, or email me:

Ordering Experience: Again, I went for the “Create Your Own” option. The website is very clean and easy to use. I did not have trouble placing my order. Within the next 12 hours I received a tracking number via email advising that my juice was on its way!

Delivery Speed: They use DHL for shipping to the United States; I can’t confirm if this is the same for those across the pond or Europe. Mail from Germany can take up to a month to arrive. Knowing this, I felt that the delivery speed was more than reasonable; especially considering the price I paid included shipping!

Price/Quality of Product: My custom creation came out to 79.90. The price of your creation will vary depending on which bottle you choose. As you select the temple that houses your precious juice, you will see the price to the right. The best part about the price? – it includes shipping!!! You receive high quality juice. The notes I chose were well blended. My skin does not hold fragrance well; what I received lasted the whole day! I sprayed some on my sweater and could still smell it two days later! There is a lot of oil to the juice (which aids in staying power). If you love what you receive, you get a personal fragrance ID that you can use for easy re-ordering.

Overall: I love the product, service, everything about this! I wish I could be an affiliate (and plan to work on Germany’s requirements) because I fell in love with the whole process and what I received. I think it is great that everyone can order a custom fragrance for an affordable price. This kind of option/service usually goes for hundred – thousands. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of money to burn. This is a great gifting option for the upcoming holidays. How special would you feel if you received a gift with a lot of thought behind it for Christmas, Valentines, Birthday, Anniversary, or just because? There are a ton of options for every situation. And if you need help, you can request a consultation. I would give this company and the product I received a 10/10 and will use them again!

Unique Fragrance

Unique Fragrance

Ordering Process/ Communication




Quality of Product



  • Easy ordering process.
  • You can not order a Bespoke fragrance for a cheaper price.
  • The juice is great- oily base holds fragrance to skin for hours and clothes for days; you get a unique/custom scent.


  • Product ships from Germany, it can take up to a month to receive.
  • DHL Shipping- they don't have the greatest track record.
  • You can not try before you buy!

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