Bois Naufrage by Parfumerie Generale


This is a dreamy fig fragrance that stole my heart at first sniff! I picked this up at Osswald in NYC while out doing some Black Friday shopping. Josie, the Director of Fragrance, lined up 6 different fig fragrances and this one immediately stood out from the crowd.

It starts off with a bang of salty/woody/sweet/fig leaf (vegetal) sharpness then quickly settles into a pleasant salty/gentle musk with a touch of woods/sweetness within the first 10 minutes. Even though there is no mint listed in the EDP version, I feel as if there is some because this smells cool on my skin. 

The woods start to fade within an hour but never die down 100%. And you’re left with a fragrance that is sweet without being gourmand; just enough to cut the musk/salt that linger in the back. This is a very beachy scent but not in the typical suntan lotion or coconut sense. This is what I love most about this fragrance, it is not the typical fig fragrance, that tends to go gourmand or coconut/woody. 

Top note: Fig of Egypt (Carob Tre)

Heart: Fleu De Sel

Base: Vetiver fraction- Ambergris

This is definitely a fragrance for Ambergris lovers who go wild for that sweet/salty musk!

This is unisex; although I read some women who say it is more masculine because it has a classic (faint) cologne (clean/ocean) scent to it. This is not a heavy fragrance. The cologne smell/feel quickly fade in the dry-down. Ladies, if you can hold out this one is worth it!


Longevity: I have tried applying a base to get this to stick and the best I get is 4-5 hours. 

Projection/Sillage: This stays close to my skin after it dries down.  You can wave your hand 2-3 inches from your face and smell nothing; you literally have to bring your hand right up to your nose to get anything. Needless to say… there are no trails left with this scent.

Price/Value: 100 ml EDP will run you $179.00 on Osswald’s website (if you are not a NY resident you save on State Sales Tax!! Woot Woot!!); I found this on luckyscent a 50 ml bottle of EDT for $125.00.  Due to the lack of popularity of this one, it is unlikely you will find it on a discount site.

Overall: A gorgeous scent, perfect for the colder months where you are longing to be near the ocean. Would make for a great fragrance during warmer months as well. I fell in love with the fig in this at first sniff…. but the ambergris is the real star. Ambergris lovers, rejoice! I know a lot of women feel this is too masculine, but I highly encourage all my readers to give this one a try. I have been playing around with layering and really like to play with the sweet salty aspect of this fragrance, I think if you’re into that kind of thing you would really enjoy this fragrance too!

*This post is not sponsored, I purchased this fragrance on my own. I have not and will not receive compensation for this review. All statements are my own opinion. If you feel that my rating below is inaccurate, please add your own review as this will adjust the balance of the rating.

Bois Naufrage by Parfumerie Generale

Bois Naufrage by Parfumerie Generale










  • Great layering scent.
  • Good for the office/around those sensitive to fragrance.
  • Refreshing take on a fig fragrance.


  • It does not project so it often goes unnoticed.
  • Does not wear for a long time because of its light nature.
  • Is often labeled as masculine by women.

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