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I am always in search of my new favorite gloss. A struggle that women around the world know all too well! I went on a feng shui attack during the big move from Florida to Ohio and threw away 90% of my makeup. Lip gloss is like mascara; it is never a good thing to keep longer than 3-6 months. Just think about all the bacteria in your mouth, now think about putting that into a moist bottle over and over… exactly, enough said!

In the month of September, Ulta had their 21 days of beauty. I looked ahead on the calendar and saw that they had a special for 50% off Bare Minerals lip gloss! Normally $18.00 each, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to try two for the price of one. To be honest I had 3 in my hands, but the cashier told me I could only get two at the discount. I had a difficult time narrowing down my choice to three and I had 10 seconds to make another cut to the roster.

I ended up with the two pictured colors: Left- High Roller; Right- Spark Plug. The third one that I decided to cut was a beautiful holographic called Hypnotist (in hindsight I wish I would have picked it up)

Color– in the tube the colors look very pigmented. However, when swatched on your hand and wear them, you realize that they are very sheer. They do have darker colors than the ones purchased which appeared darker when swatched so keep this in mind if you are purchasing without trying online. Both offer moderate shine upon first application. However, because this formula if very hydrating I find that a lot of that shine fades with the first few applications of the day as your lips absorb the product. I did put an overnight balm on my lips and exfoliated to see if this would help, but it did not.

Smell– this stuff smells like mint chip ice cream. I have seen some people complain that the smell is too strong but I didn’t think it was at all. I guess it depends on your tolerance. I suggest you go and smell a tube at your local store. I am pretty confident that 99% of the people out there will find the scent pleasant.

Feel– This is not overly tacky like MAC Clear Lip Glass, and not slippery like oil based glosses like Lancome Juicy Shaker. I feel this falls in the happy middle between the two extremes. The best part is like the Buxom line, you get a tingle on your lips. The tingle surprised me because this is not marketed as a plumping gloss.

Wear– As I mentioned earlier, the first few applications really soak into your lips so you will have to apply a few times before the shine and color stay. On average, despite using a balm overnight and scrub in the morning; I put some on at 9, have to re-apply at 9:30 (without drinking or eating), and have to reapply every hour thereafter. Pretty typical application schedule if you ask me.

Overall– I can not say that I would purchase this for $18.00 a tube. I can’t even say that I would purchase it on sale again. I would like to try the holographic gloss because I think it would add some cool dimension over lipstick. I wasn’t blown away with this one and have a hard time recommending it knowing that so many superior products exist. I would give this one a 6/10, the Marvelous Moxie was not so “Marvelous” and left me wanting more! There is nothing that sets this apart from drug store brands going for $5.00. They claim that this formula is very hydrating, and it is, but you can achieve the same with a little chap stick.

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