Atelier Bloem – Nieuw Amsterdam

A bespoke fragrance created by Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz


So I thought it would be fun to do another giveaway- details at bottom of the post.

Did you know that Malin+Goetz created another fragrance line of bespoke fragrances? Yeah, neither did I, until I went to NY for a visit before a big move. I went into the boutique in Manhattan and the SA told me about the new line called Atelier Bloem. I tried the whole line and three stood out to me: Nieuw Amsterdam, 1614 and William. Months later after I got settled in after the move, I purchased them as a birthday gift to myself.

I rarely get into the whole background of fragrances but because no one is really talking about this one I only felt a small bit to be appropriate: Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz created a bespoke collection separate from their widely known Malin+Goetz line. The collection is inspired by Amsterdam’s famed flower market. The fragrances come in simple white boxes with notes listed on the outside. The bottles are very simple with a white label on the front listing the name of the fragrance and the company name.  All fragrances are EDP concentration (even though they perform like EDT… more on that later). You can find these fragrances in the Malin+Goetz store, online at the main website and at retailers like Barneys.

Notes: Top– Magnolia, Ginger, Geranium Rose from South Africa and Lotus; Middle– Centifolia Rose, Honeysuckle and Cotton Peony Base– Oud, Atlas Cedarwood, Amber and Skin Musk.

Projection: The projection/sillage on this one is practically non-existent. Awesome choice if you want to wear something without choking someone out. Sad at the same time because this is such a beauty and it never gets noticed when I wear it. A very close skin scent you get about 5 inches max with this one.

Longevity: It is no secret that I have “sponge” skin. I have a great crew of co-workers who I use as test bunnies for all fragrances. On my skin, this disappears within 4 hours, performance was the same for them. If you switch your scent up multiple times a day then this is not a huge deal, but if you are looking for something that really goes the distance… you might want to look into Le Labo Rose 31. Spraying this on your clothes and using vaseline as a base does little to extend performance.

Uniqueness: This is not a groundbreaking fragrance, it is very similar to Le Labo Rose 31, minus the pepper and sharpness. That being said there is still a place for this in the market as I know there are a lot of people who didn’t enjoy those aspects of Rose 31.

Projection: There is little to no projection with this one. This sits very close to the skin once it dries down. I get 3-5 inches max off my skin.

Versatility: A lack of projection is sometimes a good thing, especially when it comes to floral scents. Because this one sits so close to the skin you can literally wear it anywhere, anytime. This one is best for warmer months as it lacks body/depth to hold it’s own in colder temps.

Price/Value: 100 mls will run you $195. If you are a hardcore lover of rose fragrances and don’t mind retouching often, or are in the market for something that won’t have all your co-workers running for allergy medicine then this is definitely one to try. I live in a state where it is warm year round and find heavier fragrances to be a little too much when the mercury rises past my comfort point. This is an excellent choice for those days. I also find myself reaching for this often after my evening shower. It makes a wonderful bedtime scent.

Overall: I am partial to rose fragrances. I knew there was something special about this one when I tried it out because I wasn’t able to get it off of my mind. Months after trying it out I made the purchase. Would I purchase it again? YES! Of the three I purchased this is in my top two, the other in the top is 1614, William is a beautiful scent but I have to be in the mood for it. I get a lot of wear out of this one. I do switch my fragrances often during the day so the longevity isn’t that big of a deal for me. Unfortunately, I do not see a lot of places where you can get a decant of this so you will either have to make it out to a Malin+Goetz or Barneys and try it out, or buy it blind.

I am hosting a giveaway open Con US only. Closes 10/20
Enter for a chance to win three 10Ml decants of:
1) Nieuw Amsterdam
2) 1614
3) William


You can enter multiple times… the more entries… the better your odds! Good luck to all!!!

Have you tried anything from this house?

Atelier Bloem Nieuw Amsterdam

Atelier Bloem Nieuw Amsterdam












  • Can be worn by anyone, anywhere, anytime- extremely versatile fragrance.
  • Great for layering.
  • Good office scent.
  • Awesome rose fragrance if you enjoyed everything except the pepper/sharpness in Le Labo Rose 31.
  • Effortless, easy to wear fragrance.


  • Very similar to Le Labo Rose 31, so if you own that this is redundant in your collection.
  • Longevity leaves much to be desired for the price.

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