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I received the following samples of Amouroud gratis from Osswald (thank you, Josie!): Miel Sauvage, Midnight Rose, Saffron Rare, Dark Orchid, Santal de Indes and Oud du Jour. Receiving these for free has not impacted my opinion. All opinions expressed are my own. I received no monetary compensation for this review.

This review is way overdue. I received these while living in Ohio. The good news?!?!- I got a chance to give all of the fragrances a good wearing in two different climates! I had all of my fragrance packed away during the move to Florida and decided this would be a good time to give this line a try in the hot/humid weather.

I didn’t know what to expect from these fragrances. With a name like Amouroud, I expected something heavy on Oud. To my surprise, the fragrances I tried were the furthest from being Oud dominant.  I listed these in the order from lightest/most femme (all of the fragrances are unisex) to darkest/masculine. It should be noted that even the most masculine scent is tame.  

Miel Sauvage: With a name like this I was expecting something dark and sweet. This was the total opposite! A light, sweet, delightful scent.  This is an excellent choice for those who like fresh, easy to wear fragrances. The honey is present, but not in the way you would expect. There is a sweetness that doesn’t scream the typical honey smell, in fact, if the name didn’t imply that it was there you would most likely just say that this has a beautiful sweetness to it. I say that this is on the femme side because there is a soapy/powdery aspect to it. It is not overly powdery, so I can see a lot of men who are fans of fresh fragrances opting to add this to their collection.

This would make an excellent spring-early fall scent. It held up well in the warm but faded fast in the cold. Projection is non-existent with this one.  You can expect a personal scent bubble, an awesome pick for the office. Miel Sauvage is one of the more versatile fragrances I tried. This is so mild and fresh that it is a safe interview scent.

Notes- Top: Bergamont, Wild Honey, Red Pepper; Mid: Oud, Blooming Jasmine, Sandalwood; Base: Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Incense.

Midnight Rose: **I am partial to rose and lychee fragrances** If rose just isn’t your thing… skip on to the next scent because this just isn’t for you.

Now that we have that out of the way… I really enjoyed this one… ROSE LOVERS REJOICE!!!! If you are really into rose fragrances and you have to try them all then run to check this one out. I highly recommend this to anyone who is just getting into rose fragrances, add this to your try list…. now… it’s kinda major. Again, with a name with the word “midnight” in it, I really expected something dark and mysterious. I was met with a light, sweet, fruity fragrance. This wears really well in the cool to warm weather.

There isn’t a whole lot of sillage with this. The scent bubble is decent with a good one to two feet. I would caution against using this in close office settings. I notice that rose fragrances tend to aggravate the senses of those with allergies.

I will definitely be adding this to my collection. This is a very versatile one (so long as you don’t work with someone who has allergies). This would make a great year round anytime fragrance.  This leans to the femme side. However, I can see a lot of men who are really into rose going for this one.

Notes- Top: Lychee, Pomelo, Mate; Mid: Lily, Red Rose, Iris; Base: Amber, Labdanum, Oud.

* ** The next two are not dupes for Tom Ford but they remind me of two very popular fragrances…

Safran Rare: This reminds me of Tuscan Leather. I found this to be very easy to wear. It has a soft leather smell with a little bit of spice. There is nothing crazy about this one at all.  You get some saffron in this one but it doesn’t stand out. I can see a lot of women going for this one because this is not overly masculine.

There is not a lot of projection with this one, for that reason I am recommending it as an office scent.  This wears well in the warm weather but totally fades away once the temperature drops.  If you already own Tuscan Leather, this will most likely be a pass for you.

Notes- Top: Freesia, Bergamont, Olbanum, Rose Geranium; Mid: Cedarwood, Saffron, Rose Centifolia, Jasmine de Grasse; Base: Benzoin Tears, Indonesian Oud, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Vanilla.

Dark Orchid: I don’t know if the name is the primary factor for this but this one really reminded me of TF Black Orchid. They both have the same syrupy, seductive, bold, in your face, intoxicating quality. If you’re really into scents that announce themselves when you walk in the room, this is one to try. However, if you already own Black Orchid, this might very well be a pass… unless you like collecting a lot of the same.

I personally own Black Orchid so I will not be purchasing this at the moment. This is an excellent option come replacement time. The performance was incredible, I got a full days wear and as I mentioned earlier projection is beastly.

Notes- Top: Mandarin, Citrus Accord, Black Gardenia, Sicilian Bergamont; Mid: Jasmine De Grasse, Ylang-Ylang, Lotus Wood, Black Orchid; Base: Indonesian Patchouli, Sandalwood Mysore, Incense, Vanilla.

Santal de Indes: More masculine than the fragrances above. Oud is still not a major player in this one. I get a lot of sandalwood in this one. In fact, this is what I have always wanted from a sandalwood fragrance as it isn’t muted and creamy… but bold and woody. This might be thanks to the Chinese Cedarwood playing with my senses.  I also get a nice leather vibe with this one.

This projects and lasts all day. It performed very well in Ohio’s cooler climate and has beastly projection in Florida’s humid weather. I got a full day of wear out of this one. I would not recommend this one for the office… keep this one for date night.

Because this ran a little more on the masculine side it got voted off of my shelf by my significant other. I would love for him to wear it… but he isn’t interested (he isn’t into fragrance like I am). This would make a great unisex fragrance. However, I see this one appealing to men more than women.

Notes- Top: Absinthe, Fresh Incense; Mid: Curry Leaf, Chinese Cedarwood, Narcissus Absolute, Turkish Rose Absolute; Base: Sandalwood Mysore, Moroccan Leather, Musk, Vetiver.

Oud du Jour: Finally… we get some Oud!!! … but … not a lot. This is the only fragrance out of all that I tested that had some oud noticeably present! I really enjoyed this one. Becuase the oud is not heavy, this is a very easy to wear/entry to oud fragrance. I would recommend everyone give this one a try (even those who have sworn off oud).

This is a very warm/spicy/hint of floral winter scent with a touch of sweetness. Very unisex and the perfect date night fragrance. This is a heavier scent that lasts all day and projects without being over the top/annoying. I would caution against using this one at work. I can see this one appealing to both men and women.  This wears well in year round. The warm spicy depth puts me in a winter weather mood.

Notes- Top: Pink Pepper, Wild Rasberry, Persian Saffron; Mid: Olibanum, Rose Absolute, Prune JE, Muget du Bois; Base: Rare Indonesian Oud, Black Amber, Patchouli, Guiac Wood.

Overall: My favorites were: Midnight Rose and Oud du Jour! I think this is an excellent house with some amazing offerings. I love that I got a chance to experience a very wide variety of fragrances. There is something to please everyone… from light and fresh… to …. dark and sexy. All performed very well and I can’t wait to pick up a botte of Midnight Rose and Oud du Jour :).

Have you tried anything from this house? If so, leave a comment down below :).

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